Tales of Pirates Online

Tales of Pirates Online 2.0

Tales of Pirates is a 3D MMORPG game with a pirate theme
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Tales of Pirates is a 3D MMORPG game with a pirate theme. Like in any other multiplayer online game, you play with other people to achieve a common goal: fight the bad guys and keep the community in order. The first thing to do is select one of the four anime-style characters and customize it the way you want. Then you need to select one of the locations to start the adventure. You will also be able to have a pet to accompany you in your adventure. Throughout the game, you will be asked to carry out several quests that will give you points and which will do with the class selected (explorer, hunter, herbalist, and swordsman). You will also be involved in different fights and combats on land and at sea using different weapons and means of transport.

The game also features a simple and intuitive interface that poses no complications whatsoever. The graphics are not so detailed and rather poor compared with other MMORPG games I've played. However, they are still attractive. This is an advantage from the point of view that the game takes little time to load and works fine in all computers. Sound effects are OK and the music is nice but extremely repetitive.

In short, Tales of Pirates is just another MMORPG game that will surely attract fans of the anime style graphics.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Simple and easy to play
  • Three locations to choose from


  • Rather poor graphics
  • Not so many customization options
  • Repetitive music
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